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Creating Office 2016 desktop shortcuts

My tower computer is dead.  The Windows 10 anniversary update killed it.  That means a new computer and re-buying and re-installing all of my office software.  Ick.  No one likes this.

Today my Office 2016 Home and Student product key arrived via Amazon.  Home and Student is the way to avoid Office 365 which, like Windows 10, treats software as a service — with all the headaches that goes along with it.


When it comes to computers, I’m a pretty sharp lass.  In 2001 I taught computer literacy at a small school in New Jersey — back when the lessons included DOS! I taught myself Word, Excel, and even Photoshop which I’ve used since version 1.0 or 2.0 way back in 1996/7!

So I expected it to be easy to get my office programs back on my desktop work space quickly and easily.

Dream on!

Frustrated, I tried every conventional research route.  Then a good friend of mine named NATHAN PARKER who runs a consulting firm gave me this simple (and not intuitive) instruction:

 Right click on one of the Office apps in the Start Menu. Select More then Open File Location. Then right-click on the Office app icon in File Explorer you want on the desktop. Select Send To, then Desktop, Create Shortcut.



So if you are finding yourself needing to upgrade to Office 2016, try Nathan’s instructions to restore shortcuts to your desktop.

CreateSpace maximum page counts

Ghosts of the Past paperback photo Great Succession Crisis Extended paperback Great Succession Crisis paperback

Self publication can be confusing, especially when it comes to the technical requirements for releasing a paperback or large print paperback book.  Most of the time, even locating your printer’s technical data can feel like a game of hide and seek or, worse, trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Page count limits seems to one of the most elusive pieces of information to locate.  So, after a call to CreateSpace customer service, I was happy they sent me this valuable link:


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–Laurel A. Rockefeller

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