Paperback Editions

Hypatia of Alexandria paperback csMedieval Queens paperback cover csPGHC

Do you love the feel of a real book in your hands?  Me too!  There’s nothing quite like the feel of a real book.

Buy direct from at the links below and you pay Ms. Rockefeller more per copy for her work than with any other paperback retailer, sometimes as much as 80% more per copy!

Use code XC3LXRCF for 25% the paperback edition when purchased at Createspace.

Books are printed in the USA and ship from the United States of America.

Paperback books (in alphabetical order)

American Poverty:  Why America’s Treatment of the Poor Undermines Its Authority as a World Power

Boudicca,  A Play in Three Acts

Boudicca, Britain’s Queen of the Iceni

Buddug, Brenhines Iceni Prydain

Buddug, Brenhines Iceni Prydain/ Bouddica, Britain’s Queen of the Iceni

Catherine de Valois

Catherine de Valois:  A Play in Three Acts

The Complete Data Files

The Complete Peers of Beinan Series (boxed set)

Empress Matilda of England

Empress Matilda: A Play in Five Acts

Empress Wu Zetian

Empress Wu Zetian: A Play in Three Acts

The Ghosts of the Past

Good-bye A672E92 Quintus

Good-bye A672E92 Quintus: A Play in Two Acts

The Great Succession Crisis

Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, the Warrior Princess of Deheubarth

Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd: A Play in Three Acts

Hypatia of Alexandria

The Lost Tales

Mary Queen of the Scots

Medieval Queens

Medieval Queens, The Dramas

The Poisoned Ground

The Poisoned Ground and the Healer Consort

Preparing for My First Cockatiel

Princess Anyu Returns

Queen Elizabeth Tudor: Journey to Gloriana

Renaissance Queens (boxed set)


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