Losing My Religion and TBI

playing flute at Holmes Park Bible 1988

Playing the flute at Holmes Park Bible Church in December 1988.

I have been asked many times why/how I could convert to the Old Religion of Britain when as a teen I was such a die-hard evangelical Christian. All sorts of crazy, harsh, and judgmental explanations have been offered up to me by people I either grew up with or knew me a little in the 1980s.

So allow me to set the record straight on the matter please.

On 5 November 1985 I suffered a traumatic brain injury when a distracted driver hit me while crossing the street on my way home from school. The car hit me at the left temple, exploding my skull into at least a dozen pieces. My eye glasses were cut nearly all the way through. And I experienced a “near” death experience where my spirit remained tied and connected to my very dead body (I remember the gruesome sight from outside). All perception of time is skewed when you are outside and I remember some sort of divine action that healed my body so I could return. My time senses (gifted to me to protect me from danger) saw a larger picture which I continued to remember on an unconscious basis since that time.

When I woke up nearly all higher brain memory was wiped out — I had to learn again from square one. I knew NOTHING that was taught to me before and while I healed physically my mental capacities were greatly impaired. I absorbed information much like a 2-5 year old child and doing it at the age of 14 with all the hellish complications of early puberty.

I had no ability at that time to make personal assessments about information — what I was told I believed and that continued more or less across the entire seven year physical healing process.

Once the injuries healed I was finally capable of making my own judgments about information. As I grew academically in University (I was on the Dean’s List seven times and graduated in the top 3% of my graduating class in the College of Arts/Sciences in the University of Nebraska) I started to form my own opinions finally, empowered to do more than what I was told and decide for myself if a piece of information was true or false.

When that happened I decided that Christianity was not for me and that what I wanted was a more holistic religious experience that better matched the encounter with divinity I had during my “near” death experience. I do not see a match between the religion of my family and what I experienced being dead. And yes, I am entitled to that perception.

I’ve been dead and come back. Yes, that is a life altering experience. I make no apologies for that nor would I ever want to as a Liberal Democrat.

Religion is a PERSONAL MATTER and is absolutely NO ONE’S BUSINESS BUT YOUR OWN.


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