My gift to teachers: free LWWH books for your classroom

Education is very important to me.  Education is how we best combat violence, hatred, and hopelessness.  Learning is the key to problem solving, to living life deliberately instead of simply reacting to whatever problems come our way.  Learning is empowering.


Sadly changes in our educational systems too often focus on teaching to the test.  Gone are the days when teachers could tailor activities and studies to the individual needs and interests of each class, when development of critical thinking and creative problem solving skills infused each day’s lessons.

That’s where the Legendary Women of World History series comes in, filling in the gaps created by “No Child Left Behind” and similar measures to empower parents, students, and educators to make learning fun again and the study of history relevant to young people again.

Broadly available through retailers world wide in digital, paperback, and audio editions narrated by Richard Mann, I have decided that this work is so important it needs to be in every classroom in every school worldwide.

So here’s my offer:  I will provide a digital copy of any LWWH free of charge to any educator requesting it involved in teaching classrooms of six or more students. Simply fill out the form below and if I approve your request I will be in touch within 1-2 business days.



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