Love Conquers All: The Legendary Women of World History

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Welcome to RomanceFest 2015!  All month long you’ve been discovering some of the best independent romance novels available.  Most if not all of these fall into the conventional romance genres and sub-genres with spicy offerings for adults and young adults.

But romance is so much more than spice.  For me, romance took the form of ancient British legends and fairy tales.  King Arthur and his love for Queen Guinevere.  Robin Hood and his devotion to Marion.  Cinderella.  Beauty and the Beast.  These are the great romance stories, stories we share with our families from almost the cradle.  These are the timeless stories.

Boudicca:  Britain's Queen of the IceniCatherine de ValoisMary Queen of the Scots web

The Legendary Women of World History Series explores the lives of women who really lived as accurately as primary sources, reliable secondary sources, and supporting social sciences allow us to know and understand them.  These are true role models whose examples are worth emulating, women of great courage, conviction, and faith who fought for what is right instead of what was convenient.  Women who loved deeply and open-heartedly.

Begin your romantic journey through time with Boudicca:  Britain’s Queen of the Iceni.  Available for kindle, Nook, and your favourite devices plus paperback and audio editions you will meet the real woman behind the legend, experiencing Boudicca’s love for her people, her husband King Prasutagus, and her twin daughters.

Next flash forward to the Hundred Years War and the famous life and loves of Princess Catherine de Valois.  A younger daughter of King Charles VI of France, Catherine grew up terrorized by her father’s violent mental illness to become the excuse King Henry V of England needed to wage his war with France and his famous victory at the Battle of Agincourt.  In “Henry V” by William Shakespeare you meet a giddy Catherine wooed by King Henry.  The real story is quite different and much more interesting.  Discover the life and loves of Princess Catherine in this fascinating true story of love conquering all things.  Now available in audio edition narrated by Richard Mann.

Learn more about Catherine’s love story:

Enter to win a free copy of Catherine de Valois! Winners announced 31st of May 2015

Mary Queen of the Scots webFinally meet one of the most intriguing and poorly understood women of all time:  Queen Mary Stuart.  The granddaughter of King James IV of Scotland and Princess Margaret Tudor, Queen Mary dared to marry for love with consequences still being felt today.  Meet the real woman you thought you knew in this beautiful story of courage, love, and daring to do what is right even when it is unpopular.

Best of all:  these romances are completely family friendly and suitable for both you and your children.

Forget the fairy tales!  Get inspired and inspire your children with the best love stories of all — the ones that are absolutely true!

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