Revising Your First Draft

This is a wonderful piece from Plain Talk! Completely agree with all of this!

Plain Talk Book Marketing

How to Revise Your First Draft and Actually Improve It

Michael DaltonYou’re done! At least, you just typed “The End,” and you’re flush with pride at completing this thing you’ve been struggling with for months. But now what? How do you get from there to something that’s worth reading?

Just as with writing itself, you have to experiment to find the revision methods that work best for you. The key thing, though, is that you must have a method. Writing is a creative process; revision is a deliberate one. You cannot revise effectively unless you approach it in an organized, disciplined fashion.

First, however, you need to wait. Why? Because, however excited and proud you may be to have finished your draft, you’re too close to it to start revising right away. You need to give yourself some time to forget it.

When you come back a month or so later…

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