Character Profile: Amanda Jane Ross

Amanda in ArabiaSeries the character belongs to (if any): Amanda travel adventure series

Character name: Amanda Jane Ross

Parents names: Don and Evelyn Ross

Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Books appearing in: Amanda in Arabia-The Perfume Flask, Amanda in Spain-The Girl in the Painting, Amanda in England-The Missing Novel, Amanda in Alberta-The Writing on The Stone

Profile:   Amanda is an average North American girl who dreams of travel and adventure. Her kind, caring and curious nature gets her into trouble as she can´t stop helping people in need. She discovers she is brave and resourceful when she finds herself in trouble while traveling in foreign countries.

Ideal actor or actress to play in a film adaptation: Amara Miller from the Descendants


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11 thoughts on “Character Profile: Amanda Jane Ross

  1. Patricia: Have you looked at the other character profiles on this blog? Some terrific profiles from some really diverse books!

    This column is based on the Chris Matthews’ Show and his column “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” where journalists have 15 seconds to tell viewers something they do not know about what is happening in politics.

    These are short and very informative. None of the usual “buy by book” hype you see elsewhere!

    I want readers to look at the profiles, then click on the Amazon links — ready to buy!

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