5 Manifestation Potholes

In October 2014 I received these great tips about manifesting.  The original title is “5 Things You Should Never Do When Manifesting.”  I think a more positive title for this is “5 manifestation potholes.”


1. DON’T: believe it’s magic.

You have to put in the work. Many people believe that all they
have to do is focus on what they want and it will magically drop
into their lap.

Wouldn’t that be nice! Focus directs your mind and opens you to resources and solutions, but you have to do something about the guidance and gifts you’re given! The Law of Attraction isn’t magic.

You do have to put in the work by taking action on the ways and
means you’ve attracted to yourself.

2. DON’T: be unclear on what you want.

You must be clear on what you want. Being too general isn’t going to get you what you want. For example, “I want to be rich” is great, but what does “rich” mean to you?

Go ahead, put a value on it! Specify how much and in what form! Some people define wealth in terms of material things or the size of their bank account. Others define wealth in terms of freedom, such as working one day a week and spending the rest of their time with family, friends and on their passions.

Know exactly what you want so you can give your brain –
and the Law of Attraction – the right command!

3. DON’T: doubt.

You must believe that you can have what you desire. It’s all well
and good to put the energy out there that you want something,
but do you cancel it out with feelings of unworthiness?

Do you visualize your dream and then spend endless hours worrying about “how”? Belief isn’t easy to come by, until you relax and PLAY  with it. Just for fun! Who says that manifesting anything has to be  serious work? Playing at manifesting is fun, and it comes with no pressure.

The Law of Attraction will only mirror what you project so clarify your energetic projections by simply pretending, in good fun, that you’re adding this bit of awesomeness to your already wonderful life.

Imagine how great it feels to just THINK about something you desire. Just for fun. No pressure. When you pretend, you don’t doubt, any more than a child who is pretending that the furniture in the living room is a castle. It’s okay to imagine 🙂


4. DON’T: Try to control it.

You must let go. It’s human nature to want to control things and to be in charge of how something will be accomplished. But if that were effective, you’d already have everything you wanted.

Nobody knows  all the ways to make something happen. Too often we get stuck believing – for example – that hard work and good investments are the only way to build wealth.

This belief closes us off to the many alternatives we haven’t thought of! We dismiss them as “impossible” or “wishful thinking” – but… says who? You, who already has it all, or you, who is stuck in a rut of “this is how things are?”

Here’s how to let go: be aware of the opportunities that come your way, and unhesitatingly take action on them. You’re being handed a gift of “a way.”It may not be the only way, but even if it’s vastly different than anything you have done before, if you fail to take action on it then you’re basically insisting that “your way” is the only way. Unless you have achieved success with “your way,” be open to alternatives. They are often much more exciting and fulfilling, too!5. DON’T: Get frustrated because you want it now.


Allow things to unfold! Be patient, don’t be impulsive, and don’t try to hurry the process. There is a period of time between idea and manifestation. This gives you a chance to prepare for the thing you are manifesting! It gives you time to hone skills, take care of logistics, etc.

Meantime, enjoy the journey – as if you were a gardener, nurturing your plants and enjoying their growth, even as you eagerly anticipate the fruit they will bear.

Enjoy the process! Enjoy what you’re learning; enjoy who you’re
becoming; enjoy the unfolding of your dreams. Trust, and believe in yourself and the Universal power that is constantly assisting you. Don’t let your dreams stay out of reach by  trying too hard to reach them. Don’t overthink things, don’t doubt and don’t rush.

Allow the Law of Attraction to do its work by  guiding you to the ways and means to achieve your goal. Then, take action on the guidance, and manifesting anything you want will be fun and easy!


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