Reblog: Taking Action

With the holiday insanity (which includes my birthday in the mix) I know I’ve fallen a bit behind with my reblog posts of favorite quotes and sayings on the Law of Attraction.


Now the holidays are finally over and we can settle into the new year, let’s hear some words of wisdom about taking action!

Unless you are able to bring yourself to a place of feeling good about it, don’t take action.

So what are we concluding here?

Your work is to first find the feeling place, then take the inspired action.

So are we trying to guide you away from action?

Not at all.

Action is delicious. Act as much as you have physical time, energy, and inclination to act. But always take your point of action from a place of feeling good.”

Abraham Hicks


One thought on “Reblog: Taking Action

  1. As a follow up: though I am no longer a devotee of Abraham Hicks (see my latest blog posts from 7 June 2015), this is essentially common sense the advice being given. If you don’t feel good about an action — if you feel uncertain whether it is the best possible course of action to take in that moment — err on the side of caution and don’t do it, don’t say it. Wisdom is knowing when to be silent and when to abstain from action. Or as Elvis Presley put it “fools rush in.” Don’t be a fool and make every action deliberate and consistent with your inner person and inner values.

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