Character Profile: Landry Lilyanne Albright

Series the character belongs to (if any): First book in the True Colors series

True ColorsCharacter name: Landry Lilyanne Albright

Parents names (if known): Dr. Tony and Laine (Dombrowski) Albright

Place of Birth (if known): Chicago, Illinois

Book(s) appearing in: True Colors, True Colors 2: Best Friends…Forever?

Profile: Landry is an eighth grader who loves her English lit class with Mrs. Kharrazzi and enjoys reading. She is a very loyal friend, but is currently dealing with the friendship fall out from advancing in the American Ingénue reality show modeling competition. She is on a never-ending quest for a hair product that will end her bad hair days and ways to up her math grade that don’t involve intense tutoring.

Ideal actor or actress to play in a film adaptation: Over the years I’ve pictured Landry as Ashlee Simpson when Ashlee was doing her reality show. Now I’d say Elle Fanning could play her.


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