Character Profile: Dinky

Kibble TalkSeries the character belongs to: Kibble Talk

Character name: Dinky

Character’s Date of Birth: It was sometime in April of 2011, but since he didn’t even has his eyes open yet, he couldn’t read the calendar. I’m figuring April 4th, but just to humor him, I read him the poem. He definitely feels he is fair of face, but also full of grace – he did win a dog show contest, after all. He’s also loving and giving (Friday), as long as you’re not asking for his tiara. Sunday is a possibility, because that day is “fair and wise and good and gay.” He thinks that pretty much sums him up, though it leaves out “most brilliant dog in the universe,” so he’s wondering if we can make a day for that?

Place of Birth: The kitchen floor, but Dinky assures us that there was a very comfy blanket for his mom and even a cardboard box for her to put her puppies in. It was all very cozy. Plus, snacks are always nearby when you are in a kitchen. He thinks humans should try having babies this way.
Book(s) appearing in: Kibble Talk, Dog Goner, What Dat?

Profile: Dinky is an enormous Great Dane who should be called a Great Talker. He is the pet of Tawny, a nine-year-old girl who discovers that when she eats dog kibble, she can hear and talk to dogs. Dinky wants only one thing in life: to be a tiny lapdog. Unfortunately for him, his head is the size of a lap dog.
Ideal actor or actress to play in a film adaptation: Even by the end of Book 2 in the series, there’s only a handful of Kibble Talkers in the world (people who can hear Dinky talk), so he would need a voice-over actor. Dinky says he would like Liam Neeson or James Earl Jones to read his lines, but as I reminded him, his voice is, well, dinky. I suggested Kermit the Frog, but Dinky only walked away – said he needed to find a favorite slipper or book of mine to chew up.



2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Dinky

  1. I also enjoyed this book and my daughter is in the process of reading Dog Goner. The Cynthia Port the author is very nice too. I love all the trivial facts about Dinky, this profile gets to know him a little better! 😀 . I also like the idea of your blog being a profile, It’s different.

    • Thank you, Denise! I hope you will tell everyone to come to this blog and check out the many character profiles (fictional and non fictional) that are here! There is a lot of information and some great book excerpts too! Authors find some helpful writing and marketing advice, so it’s all win-win for readers and authors alike!

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