Character Profile: Unwanted

lumpy ducklingSeries the character belongs to (if any): Weaver Tales
Character name: UnWanted
Parents names (if known): My mom was an elf, but my dad was a gnome, so I only have half the magic.
Place of Birth (if known):

I don’t remember. I left my mom when I was young

Book(s) appearing in:

The Weaver, The Wishing Well, The Lumpy Duckling



Unwanted is a misunderstood gnome-elf who grants wishes that complicates problems instead of resolving them. First he gives Mary odd little yarn charms instead of helping her tell a better story. Then he makes Molly’s family even more mean than they were before she made her wish. Most recently, he all but killed Wheezy’s best friend, Lumpy after she made her wish.
Ideal actor or actress to play in a film adaptation:
Dobby the house elf or the Travelocity gnome

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