Why Wearing Your Correct Size Makes You Look and Feel Better in Your Clothes

May 14th, 2012

Why Wearing Your Correct Size Makes You Look and Feel Better in Your Clothes

Finding the Right Style Starts With Wearing the Right Size

Have you ever tried on something you really liked on a celebrity or just browsing through the store only to discover that what looks great on THAT person looks absolutely dismal on you? There are probably many reasons for that. The colors are wrong for your skin tone. The proportions in the item clash with yours. You have the wrong under garments on.

But probably one of the biggest reasons we are not satisfied has much more to do with sizing–ours relative to the model’s and the size we are putting on our bodies when we try it on. Wearing the correct size is vitally important for us. Not only because the correct size looks better on us and makes other items worn with it look better, but because of the psychological and physical issues involved with getting our sizes wrong.

Some clothes–like bras–often don’t fit properly because we simply do not know how to measure ourselves and do not know how to properly evaluate when it fits and when it does not. In the April 2012 issue of “Lucky” magazine we receive some real help with bras in their article “Find the Perfect Bra,” which gives detailed measuring instructions, explanations of the different styles of bras, and even some product suggestions. My caveat: the product suggestions are all for high-end brands and retailers like Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret. You won’t find a single suggestion under $50–more than a lot of us want to pay for an everyday bra–particularly when there are equally good choices at discount department stores.

But our sizing errors go beyond simply navigating measurements poorly. Often we try to wear the size we feel we OUGHT to wear instead of accepting our bodies as they are and embracing the size we are. We end up caving to airbrushed media images or pressures from romantic partners whose concept of attractive is often based on skewed media images of “healthy” and “attractive.”

When we wear something we know is too small in particular, we create discomfort with our bodies and generate negative body image. Too-small clothes hurt to wear, making us uncomfortable with our bodies and our lives. This in turn makes unhealthy food choices more tempting. I am surprised how powerful this effect is. Recently, I caved to pressure and bought a skirt too small for me. In my entire life I NEVER felt intense cravings for junk food–until I put that skirt on and started wearing it. Pushing into my stomach and abdomen triggers food urges I never had, destroying my natural inclination to eat fruits and vegetables. I don’t like chocolate–but now I’m CRAVING chocolate–which I don’t when my clothes fit right!

This problem of social pressure to be a different size than we really are underlies habits we know are destroying our health. So perhaps we would do better to embrace our right size instead of hurting ourselves trying to conform to an artificial concept of beauty. We eat healthier and exercise more when we are happy with who we are and the bodies we have. Health matters over numbers!


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