“Destiny,” the Law of Attraction, and the Vortex

If you read my last blog post filled with some very useful quotes from the entity calling itself “Abraham” as channeled by Esther Hicks, you have probably heard of something that Abraham calls “The Vortex” which can also be thought of as the law of attraction currents that pull you to what you want in life (even if you are sending “want” energies towards what your conscious mind does NOT want).


As I said before, I love the river metaphor and the quote “this is not Disneyland; you cannot turn this river off.”


This has, in turn, made me think about the idea of DESTINY.  Destiny seems like some mystical force.  But is it?


The idea of Destiny is that each of us are MEANT for something, that events in our lives come to us out of some sort of conscious deliberation.  In Greek mythology, the Fates were three sister goddesses which is probably why we think of fate and destiny as connected with divinity.


But here is a thought for you:  what is Destiny is simply a set of strong currents in the Law of Attraction that are generated by the force of our individual personalities?  That is to say WE CREATE OUR OWN DESTINY — NOT CONSCIOUSLY BUT BY VIRTUE OF BEING INDIVIDUALS.

When I taught past life recall classes among Wiccan/Pagan groups in the 1990s, classes strongly grounded in my psychoanalytic studies as part of my BA in Psychology, I talked about CORE PERSONALITY TRAITS.  These are the traits that have always been with us and first observed in early childhood.  They can be very mundane likes and propensities or very deep, major traits.


A good example of that for me is my love of parrots.  The moment I saw a cockatoo for the first time it was love at first sight.  I wanted a cockatoo!  I wanted a white cockatoo (white being important to my mental construct of cockatoos — genus Cacatua for those keeping track of the science).  All through my life, it was a WHITE PARROT that attracted me more than any other.  And so finally I received my wish eleven years ago with my albino cockatiel Mithril, my little princess.

The Law of Attraction gave me my wish for a white cockatoo.  It took many years — but Mithril is sitting on my shoulder as I write.  Parrots are at the core of who “Laurel” is.


But there are other currents as well that while they’ve always been there, I haven’t embraced nearly so easily, perhaps because they operate at a deeper level that was easy to reason away as my “imagination.”

At the age of seven or eight playing "queen" with a paper crown and scepter

At the age of seven or eight playing “queen” with a paper crown and scepter

When I was about seven or eight I remember telling my brother that I wanted to be queen someday when I grew up.  This is from Lincoln, Nebraska and before the marriage of Diana Spencer to Prince Charles of Britain taught me of the existence of this strange place called “England.”  Naturally I was mocked for saying that and the idea was shoved back into the unconscious mind.


But the current did not go away.  I took great interest in the wedding of Charles and Diana and ever after seemed to notice the few mentions of news items from the United Kingdom more readily.  I came to understand that Britain has a monarchy (a remote idea to someone raised in the midwest region of the United States) and over time, I grew more and more interested in British stories and histories.  Shakespeare came to my notice as I started adolescence and secondary school and I fell in love with the Bard.


Then, around 1987, public television aired a series renamed “Robin Hood” which was called Robin of Sherwood when it aired a few years before in England.


England now had my full attention as I marveled at the stories of Robin Hood as played by Michael Praed.

In University, memories of my first past lives filtered through and I felt for the first time like the road of my life lead to a life outside of the United States.  I confused that direction as going to China (where so many of my past lives happened) and not to England.


Once more however, others around me convinced me to repress my vision, causing more wandering.


Then about a year ago, England came back to my mind.  Inexplicably, I came to find comfort and attraction to British voices over American ones.


Those feelings of being pulled towards England only increased this year when I sought a narrator for the audio edition of “Boudicca:  Britain’s Queen of the Iceni.”


The first time I heard Mr. Richard Mann’s voice, the feeling was electric and I came at last to understand:  my personality has pulled me to England all my life.


What does the future hold?  Can anyone know.  But this I do know:  somehow and in someway, my heart knows where home is.





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