‘Our Last Best Hope’ for Going Where No One Has Gone Before’

Originally published March 14, 2012, this is another article connecting Star Trek and Babylon 5

Majel Barrett guest stars on Babylon 5‘Our Last Best Hope’ for Going Where No One Has Gone Before’

Science Fiction fans are known for their cult followings. From “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” to “Babylon 5” to “Sliders” to “Quantum Leap” to “Firefly” and beyond, fans just love our science fiction series. So when stars from one series guest star on another science fiction series, we consider it a special treat. Here are some favorite “Star Trek” cast and crew members who also contributed to “Babylon 5.”

Walter Koenig: best known for his role as Pavel Andreievich Chekov in “Star Trek (the original series)” and its related motion pictures, Walter Koenig played “Babylon 5” villain Alfred Bester, the Psi Cop who gives the “Babylon 5” command staff-and its resident telepaths Talia Winters and Lyta Alexander-more headaches and adventures than any of them particularly want. Alfred Bester’s first appearance in the series is in season one, episode six, “Mind War.” Also look for Bester in season 3, episode six, “Dust to Dust” and season 3, episode fourteen, “Ship of Tears.”

Majel Barrett Roddenberry: from Christine Chapel to the Enterprise computer voice to Lwaxana Troi, “Star Trek’s” first lady also appeared in “Babylon 5” in season 3, episode nine “Point of No Return” as Lady Morella, the seeress widow of Centauri emperor Turhan whom Londo Mollari seeks out. In one of the most memorable “B5” guest appearances, Majel Barrett proved why she is so cherished in the science fiction world.

Dorothy Catherine Fontana: while not in front of the camera like Walter Koenig and Majel Barrett, Dorothy “DC” Fontana’s contributions as script writer to both “Star Trek” and “Babylon 5” are substantial. She famously wrote “Journey to Babel” for “Star Trek TOS,” “Yesteryear” for “Star Trek Animated,” and co-wrote “The Naked Now” for “Star Trek the Next Generation.” On “Babylon 5” she wrote season one, episode seven, “The War Prayer,” season one, episode seventeen “Legacies,” and season two, episode four, “A Distant Star.”

Honorable Mentions: “Babylon 5” Stars Who Are Known for Contributions to Other Series

Mira Furlan: For fans of “Babylon 5,” Mira Furlan is beloved as Minbari Ambassador Delenn, the descendant of Valen who eventually marries Commander John J Sheridan. After “B5,” Mira Furlan went on to guest star as Danielle Rousseau in ABC’s “Lost” across several memorable episodes.

Bill “Billy” Mumy: As Minbari Ambassador Delenn’s aide, Lenier, Bill Mumy stole our hearts and moved us to tears at times. But years before “Babylon 5,” Bill Mumy starred as Will Robinson on the original 1960s “Lost in Space.”

Daniel Dae Kim: As Excalibur first officer Lieutenant John Matheson, Daniel Dae Kim gave us a picture of telepaths after the “Telepath War” in “Babylon 5 Crusade.” My personal favorite telepath character across the “B5” universe, Kim becomes the perfect “B5” telepath icon. After “B5,” he joined the cast of ABC’s “Lost” as plane crash survivor Jin-Soo Kwan.

Melissa Gilbert: while appearing in just two season three “Babylon 5” episodes “Shadow Dancing” and “Z’ha’dum,” Melissa Gilbert’s performances as Anna Sheridan steal the show as she worked opposite her husband, Bruce Boxleitner. Yet Melissa is best known for playing Laura Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie” in that iconic role.

3 thoughts on “‘Our Last Best Hope’ for Going Where No One Has Gone Before’

  1. There were a few guest stars on both Trek and B5 as well, including one of my personal favorites, Michael Ansara, whose genre credits include Elric, a Technomage, on B5, Kang, a Klingon, on Star Trek, Quarlo on the Outer Limits episode “Soldier”, and several others.

  2. Mr. Ansara was Kane on Buck Rogers and Kang on Star Trek (TOS and DS9). He was also the voice of Mr. Freeze on “Batman: The Animated Series,” turning Schwarzenegger’s pun-butchering of the role into something terrifying and tragic. He was in a LOT of genre roles.

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