Web roundup 11.07.14 – Online apps, Indi documentary makers and Usenet!

As always, a great tech round up from Tim!


I tweeted recently that there was very little to interest me in the world of technology.  Has tech reached its peak? – No I think its more a case of everyone trying to cash in on the tried and tested idea’s that are selling well.

Please don’t talk about Google Glass, I’ve already voiced my concerns about that piece of tech and unless you want to be branded a Glasshole by future Twitter generations, I’d suggest you keep your Glass enthusiasm to yourself.

Money might not buy you love (or so the song said) but over in the UK it can change laws.  It’s surprising how easily the UK can change them for a chance of the F1 racing to have a go in London.  You think cyclists are a hazard or pain on the road? (or conversely if you are a cyclist and think cars are) you’ve not seen…

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