Fantasy Character Interview #11

Lord Knight Elendir emerges from his resistance cell to talk with Olga Godim

Olga Godim writing

DragonReading_Logo4 Today, my guest is Elendir, knight of Ten-Ar, the protagonist of Laurel A. Rockefeller’s novel Ghosts of the Past , #2 in the author’s Peers of Beinan series. The genre of the novel is medieval science fiction murder-mystery.

1. Tell me a little about yourself—your name, profession, where you live, do you have a family, the usual.

My name is Elendir, knight of Ten-Ar. Born on BE 6767, beinor 50 in the capital city of Hejing, I am an older brother to Lady Althea, our new Ten-Arian abbess. When my sister was just three beinors old, our father, Lord Healer Devon, perished when terrorists bombed Nan-li Central Healing Center. Our mother, Lady Healer Keelia, tried to raise us both as best she could, but in the end brought us to the Ten-Arian monastery, where we grew up. She herself perished when she returned to work at Our Lady Healing Center…

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